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Daniel Wakeford - Daniel Wakeford

by Daniel Wakeford

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Daniel Wakeford's classic first album finally available as a physical release. 13 songs about Love, his family, The Black of Lonely and Beethoven delivered in the only way Daniel can. Pure and ecstatic pop from a charismatic, charming and honest individual.

"Daniel Wakeford brings heartfelt euphoria wherever he goes. His seemingly bottomless well of material offers up classic after classic in the shape of relentlessly catchy pop naivetes. It’s the delivery that sets Daniel apart, anyone with a shred of a soul can’t help but be won over by his unbounded joy and enthusiasm." - Supernormal Festival

"The music has a real 1st Television Personalities LP vibe, but the vocals are utterly unique! I love the lyrics too... they're so blunt yet so poetic." - Daniel Lupton

Edition of 50 with on body print